downloadThis is the home of my book in progress, The Roscoe Effect: Eternal Animal Truths to Transform Your Spirit. It’s where you’ll find the wisdom teachings of animals real and mythic from diverse cultures around the world, such as Hindu, Tibetan Buddhist and Native American shamanism. Animal meditations, exercises and other offerings are aimed to empower you. Consistently practicing them can tame your mind, lift your heart and unleash your spirit.

Who’s Roscoe? Until his untimely passing at age ten in 2008, Roscoe was our indoor-outdoor, heart-stealing ginger tabby with tons of matted hair, immense bravado and a hefty right hook. But though there’s a lot to say about Roscoe’s alpha personality and what made our relationship magical, it’s for more than sentimental reasons that he gets his name on the cover. It’s what he showed me about myself that became the inspiration for The Roscoe Effect.